Clean Streets


“Clean Streets” is a program administered by the State of New Jersey through which communities obtain funds when volunteers remove litter from their streets.The Friends of West Windsor Open Space supports the Clean Streets Program in West Windsor. Volunteers such as the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts, high school groups, and neighborhood associations, as well as individual citizens have given their time to clean up litter in our community. The program is an ongoing effort throughout the year involving any volunteers who wish to participate. This work has benefited FOWWOS as well as the Township because as citizens work to pick up litter, the Township provides FOWWOS with funds according to the time spent. And these funds, provided by the State, are used by FOWWOS to further its land preservation efforts.

For each hour a person 16 years of age or older volunteers to collect litter from our streets and parks, FOWWOS will receive $20.00, and for each hour a person younger than 16 years of age participates, FOWWOS will receive $10.00.

We would like to encourage your participation in the program, either as an organization, a group of friends or neighbors, or as an individual. The particular areas that you choose are completely up to you, but only Township (not County or State) streets and parks are included in the program.

If you’d like to participate, please contact Elliot Kleiman, by phone (799-8372) or e-mail ( He can tell you what information we would need and also coordinate the locations among the groups and individuals. We hope you’ll join us in helping to clean up our community and further the preservation of our open space.

Be Safe!

Please use gloves and a trash bag when collecting litter. Be particularly careful of traffic on busy streets. Remember that safety is most important.


When you complete your clean up, please print out and fill in the Individual Clean Streets Form or the Group Clean Streets Form as appropriate, and mail it to FOWWOS at P.O. Box 73, West Windsor, NJ 08550, or you may call Elliot Kleiman at 799-8372 or email with the information. Thanks for your help.