Open-space-parce-maintenance projects

FOWWOS has been engaged in trail building activities in several of the open space parcels in West Windsor. For more information on current activities, contact FOWWOS Trustee Kevin Appelget.

FOWWOS has conducted trail walks to allow residents (and others) to experience the trails and the scope of open space in West Windsor. For more information on planned trail walks, contact Kevin Appelget .
Since 2007 FOWWOS has been involved in the formulation of Individual Parcel Plans (IPPs) for open space parcels within West Windsor Township. The Township Shade Tree Commission and Township staff also participate. These plans are intended to: provide a more consistent management of each parcel, define what is the proper maintenance and development on each parcel, and provide a sound basis for budgeting maintenance and development activities in future. FOWWOS hopes that some of these plans will be officially adopted during 2009. As of March 2009 some 10 IPPs are ready for formal adoption.See FOWWOS News Volume 9 Number 1 for details.
In 2006 members of Girl Scout troop #600 took on Trail Building and maintenance in the Rogers Preserve to earn their Girl Scout Bronze award. See FOWWOS News Volume 7 Number 3 for details
New signs were installed in 2006 marking the entrances and key intersections of the Rogers Preserve Trail and the Millstone River Trial. See FOWWOS News Volume 7 Number 2 for details

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