rogerspreserve (Photo by M Shallcross)

The Recreational Trails Committee of FOWWOS was formed in 2001 to advocate for the development of multi-use recreational trails on open space parcels within the Township.FOWWOS has applied for and received various grants for trail development and related activities over the years since then. (See FOWWOS News Vol 4 No. 1 and Vol.3 No. 1 for the initial formation of the committee and the first grant application). The purpose of such trails is to provide area residents with multi-use trails for walking, running, biking, and cross-country skiing while providing access to the beauty of various undeveloped areas, including the Millstone River.

The Recreation Trails Committee of FOWWOS became the nucleus of the Mayor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Taskforce, which spawned the independent Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance (WWBPA). In 2009 FOWWOS and the WWBPA formed a joint Trails Committee to continue and coordinate work on trail policy, planning, and development.

In 2002 a Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan was developed, showing proposed bikeways and recreational trails.(See FN Vol. 3 No. 3).

Since that time FOWWOS has constructed or managed the construction of a network of trails in West Windsor open space. More trails are planned, as well as the improvement and maintenance of existing trails.

In 2008 and 2009 FOWWOS Trustees Kevin Appelget (a Naturalist) and Ken Carlson (also the president of the WW Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance) have been co-hosting a series of trail walks and trail clean-up events.

FOWWOS Trustee Kevin Appelget leads a walk through the Millstone Preserve, December 2008. (Photo by M Shallcross.)

During 2008 nature walks were held at the Zaitz, Millstone, and Rogers preserves. The walk through Bridegroom Run Park was marked by rainy weather, and will be repeated in the spring of 2009. Other walks are also planned.

During 2008 the Zaitz preserve trails were cleared and marked, a bridge was constructed and installed for trail access from Southfield Road, and trails though the Millstone and Rogers preserves were cleared.(See FOWWOS News Vol. 9 No. 1 for more details.)
The trail/preserve rules state “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.” FOWWOS hopes that the trails will be widely enjoyed in the spirit of this direction.